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Custom Shotcrete Pool Custom Shotcrete Pool Custom Shotcrete Pool Custom Shotcrete Pool

Go for that high-end resort look with a Shotcrete pool by Zaber Pools of Amherst.

Before anyone heard of vinyl or fiberglass pools the first pools were made with either cinder block walls with a poured concrete floor or were reinforced concrete walls with a concrete floor. Over the years the process of pouring a concrete pool is today coined as either a Shotcrete or Gunnite pool. The differences between these types of pools lies only in the concrete mix design but the final outcome is for all intents and purposes identical.

Zaber Pools offers the option of a Shotcrete pool or vinyl liner pool but for those clients who truly desire that resort look and feel with endless possibilities then a Shotcrete pool is for them. With options such as negative or infinity edge designs, custom water features, high-end glass or porcelain tile accents, even custom concrete spillover spas, the Shotcrete pool has definite advantages over a vinyl liner. Add in the multiple options of plaster that can be used to define the walls and bottom of your pool the homeowner is left with a magical pool that can only be obtained with a Shotcrete Pool.

Costs to install a Shotcrete pool are 40% to 60% more than a comparable vinyl liner pool so for the budget-conscious consumer a vinyl pool will fulfill all their backyard dreams, however, for those who seek that ultra-luxurious pool that stands the test of time, then a Shotcrete pool is for them.

For additional information on the options available for a Shotcrete pool pick up the phone and call Zaber Pools of Amherst at (440) 986-2775 for a no-obligation consultation.

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