Openings and Closings

We can winterize your pool as well as open it up in the spring.

Trust the experienced professionals of Zaber Pools of Amherst to secure your pool so that it can survive the winter months. When closing your pool, we go through an extensive checklist:

  • Identify repairs that are needed—this is a great time to fix or replace parts
  • Clean and treat water
  • Lower water to appropriate level
  • Check hydrostatic pressure
  • Check water in pipes
  • Seal and protect valves
  • Remove and store pool accessories
  • Secure pool lighting
  • Secure and empty pump
  • Secure motor
  • Secure electricity to pool and equipment
  • Clean and drain filters
  • Clean and secure pool cover

Zaber Pools of Amherst offers affordable pool opening and closing services for pools that we build and pools that we don’t build.

Contact us now for your pool openings and closings!

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Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers
Practical, safe and attractive pool covers lower maintenance and provide piece of mind. Learn more
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